Enrich Lives Through Stories - Wattpad Wall of Quotes

A few days ago the Wattpad Wall of Quotes was finally installed.  These quotes are our favourite quotes from Wattpad stories or heart warming feedback from the community.    

I have read all of them, and I encourage everyone in the office to spend some time to read them all.  After reading them, one will understand how we are changing people’s lives in a positive way.  Wattpad’s mission is “enrich lives through stories”.  This wall is a great reminder to all of us our purpose.  It is much more than just creating a cool mobile app or website.  

As one of my co-workers told me the other day - Wattpad is more a movement than just an app.



Here are some of my favorites:

If someone catches you and says the word, you’ve got fifteen minutes to irrevocably change your life.

I have always loved reading, but never had the confidence to write anything myself….When I found Wattpad…for the first time I felt ‘at home’ and comfortable.

I for one am not about to allow my arm be chewed off just because another person - another former person - is feeling like a snack. - The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home / Margaret Atwood & Naomi Alderman

You know you’re a Wattpadder when your library card feels lonely.

I wanted to let you know how blown away I am by the encouragement and support I’ve received from the Wattpad community. It was frustrating not to know how the book’s intended audience would respond to it, since it wasn’t written for 30-something New York editors. The overwhelming response from Wattpad readers was just the validation I needed. Thanks for making that possible!

You know you’re a Wattpadder when one comment makes your whole day and inspires you to stay up writing for hours.

Timecheck: 4:26am. I love@wattpad. I’m so hooked that I can’t even notice the time anymore - @Alianna

I just want to thank you and everyone on your team for everything you have done. If it weren’t for Wattpad, I wouldn’t have gotten the education I needed (since I dropped out of High School very early on due to some problems). Wattpad helped me overcome so many things, and English is one of them. I have learned so much being here, I am eternally grateful. And thanks to Wattpad and everything I have learned, I got perfect scores on my English, Language and Writing subjects that I had to take for my GED pre-test. I am now sure that I will pass the GED with flying colors, and honestly it’s because of this website that I am doing better in life.  So I thank you from every corner of my heart. I appreciate all you do, you will always have my endless support with whatever becomes of Wattpad in the future.

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